Thursday, December 23, 2010


Our sweet dog Nebo was hit by a car last week and died!! We are sooo sad that he is gone. He was still living at Clint's parents home while we got a kennel at our new house. He somehow got out of his kennel and went wandering. He was such a great dog!! He was a great hunter! For some reason, he was always happy to see us!! He lived a great life, lots of 4-wheeler rides, duck hunting, goose hunting, camping, eating (well at least 2 days a week if he was lucky)!!

RIP Nebo!! You will be missed!!! :(


The Jackson family said...

Oh No!!! I'm so sorry! I LOVE labs! They are the best dogs in the world.
Although he will never be replaced in your hearts I hope that you find another dog that will be just as great as Nebo.
I told my kids that Anza, our lab, will always be with them in their hearts. It helped a little for them. I hope everything will be ok.

The Green Family said...

That is horrible! I'm so sorry..hopefully Bridger is coping ok.