Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Cutting down our Christmas tree!!!

So a couple weeks ago we went with my niece's to cut down a Christmas tree. I wanted a really tall tree for the new house but didn't really want to pay for one. So, we paid $10 for the permit, $100 for fuel, $20 in diet coke and cheeto's, forgot shoes for my 2 yr old and had to stop at walmart. Anyone who has been to walmart knows that is always about $50. So much for the cheap tree! We had a blast with all the kids. There was lots of snow!! I would know, Clint tackled me and white washed me and then stuck snow up the back of my coat! He's lucky we are still married!!!! :) j/k honey! I love you!! Just watch your back!
On the way to the Uinta's!!! Already tired!!
Breeya and Mommy!
Before the whitewash!! Obviously :)
The proud tree cutter!!
All the kiddo's!!!! They had a blast!
Our tree!!! We love it!!

BTW...My new years resolution is to update my blog more than once a year!! :)


The Green Family said...

I think that is GREAT goal.

.:Bree:. said...

HOLY CRAP WOMAN! :) Glad you're doing well! :) Pretty tree! Update more yes? lol ;)

Dan, Heath and Sky said...

Good goal! How is Breeya 2?????????? Did you get into your new place?