Sunday, January 2, 2011

Holy Mary, Mother of God!!!!!!!

So, along with my surprise Birthday party, Clint also surprised me on New Years day and took me snowboarding for the SECOND time. Ok, so it has been exactly 1 year since I went the last time BUT I still thought I should be a pro by now!!! :) Boy was I wrong!!!

This time I may have fell less (Meaning 100 times instead of 200) HOWEVER! Maybe it's the fact that I am OLD now! I am pretty sure every part of my body is sore and bruised. At one point on the hill Clint was making fun of my saying shit like "Oh honey, pain is temporary, pride is forever" and "Quit being a sissy, you are not a quitter!!" or even "How do you expect to get better if you just give up"!! You can imagine how well I took his advice ;) So we get home, I take my clothes off (I know where your mind is going but no I had no desire to do that at all) My knee's were literally BLACK and BLUE!!! Needless to say I made Clint feel like an a hole for the remainder of the night!!
I sure look hot, too bad I don't look that good on the hill!! :)
Me in the lodge! Clint did find it in his heart to give me one break and one diet coke!

Believe it or not I really did have a great time. I can't wait for the day when I can make it down the hill without crashing 100 times but I know I'll be there soon. I just need to learn to take Clint's advice a little better ;)

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