Friday, April 16, 2010


Well it's been a while since we have updated! I don't have any pictures but this is what is going on in our neck of the woods:

Most importantly-Clint turned 31 on the 15th of April!! We had a fun little get together at our home and had friends and family over!! It was a great time!!

The house is coming along nicely-We have a foundation and the plumbing is now done in the basement-Therefore I do have somewhere to go to the restroom in my new home. The next step is pouring the floor and then they can start framing! YAY!!!

The kids are all doing great!! Sick as usual!! I swear that one of them is always sick and we just keep passing it around the family..They are the cutest kids in the entire world though..Bridger is a machine on the Nintendo DS...Brylie is our little dramatic princess who plays barbies non-stop and Breeya pretty much just likes to look out the window and say "Daddys Truck" all day long or Grama, Grama (I think she is a little attached)!! She is the smartest little thing!! We just love her cute little personality!! Don't get me wrong we love them all but lets just face it, once they grow up they are pains in the butts!

Well that is about it, as for me I am sure no one really cares but I started golfing again last week in our ladies golf league and I am having a blast!! I feel like I get a little bit better each time!! Well thats about it!! Peace out!!

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The Green Family said...

I'm glad things are going well...we all know that the toilet is imperative for you ;)

I can wait to see pictures of the house..hint hint!

Love ya!