Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentines Day!!!!

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Did I mention that I have the greatest husband EVER!!! Just when I think he has gone too far he goes way further!! On Saturday we were able to find a sitter and spend the whole day together! We went to see Valentines Day and then we had to go home and get ready for our Valentines Dinner!! We ended up at my mom's house and soon found out that they were joining us for dinner! While we were waiting to leave all of a sudden a black limo pulls up to pick us up!! It was awesome!! Me and my mom are some lucky girls!!! So then we went to Rickenbackers for dinner! It was DELICIOUS!! (Especially since I've been on my eating plan) After dinner Clint had plans to go to Park City and stay overnight. Well, we ended up in the same hotel room where he proposed to me 10 yrs ago to the day! Ladies, it don't get more romantic than that!!! It was such an incredible night. For those of you who don't know the story, Clint wrote me a poem the night he proposed and it was the sweetest thing ever. Well he wrote me a NOVEL this year!! He is so amazing and I love that he is never afraid to tell me how he feels!!! I LOVE YOU HONEY!!! Thanks for a great weekend :)