Sunday, January 17, 2010


Clint decided to take me snowboarding for my very first time on my birthday!! I was a little scared but it was actually lot's of fun! (For the most part) I am pretty sure that I broke my tail bone but other than that I am in good shape...It was a great time and we are hoping to be able to go again soon!! One more time on the bunny hill and I will be ready for the Black Diamond!!!

Yes, I am a little slow!!

One of the MANY times I sat to rest!!!


Heather said...

How funny! Where have you been? you dropped off the face of the me.. I'm ready to sign up for that Liv Sxinny stuff.

.:Bree:. said...

It's definitely a workout!

I swear we're not FB friends anymore! lol What's upwith that. How are you?

JODI said...

It took me a while to get off the bunny hill too and man did my whole body ache after that first day! But it's totally worth it! Ü