Tuesday, September 8, 2009


So I am terribly sorry that I have not updated in a while. First of all I just really haven't done of lot of exciting things to talk about. Secondly, I just went back to work 30 hours a week and that seems to take up a lot of my time. The kids are doing great. Bridger and Brylie started school in July and are almost off track :( They are both loving school...as am I loving them being in school...The baby is doing great. Getting big and getting around all over the place. Still not walking but that's ok. She is the happiest baby ever!! Clint is finally done trap shooting for the year!! Yay.. Well as soon as I do something worth while I will post some pics but for now this is my update!!

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Morgan said...

Hello! You went to Jackson with yours truely!! That was exciting... good times!