Friday, February 13, 2009

25 Things about me!!

Thanks to Jani I was tagged for this..I did it on facebook already so I'm sorry but this may be a repeat for some of you! Enjoy...

1. I married my high school sweetheart
2. I went to Hawaii on my honeymoon
3. My favorite vacation was to the Cayman Islands
4. I have 3 of the greatest kids ever
5. I am completely obsessed with Twilight
6. I am a HUGE fan of Justin Timberlake
7. I love to watch the Biggest loser, The Batchelor, One Tree Hill and Soaps
8. I have not had a coke for 4 weeks! Thats a pretty big deal!
9. I get chlostrophobic if I wear socks to bed
10. I do not have a middle name
11. I have been to the Thunder Down Under in Las Vegas....Very nice!
12. I am done having kids..:(
13. I love Blogging
14. I LOVE Nascar..Yes I am kind of a redneck...
15. Im going to Mexico in March
16. I am going to the nascar race in Vegas in March
17. My chest gets really red and blotchy when I am nervous
18. My favorite place to eat is Wingers...I love sticky fingers..
19. My first job was milking goats...10 cents a goat...
20. And I got ringworm and had to quit...
21. I have never broken a bone
22. I have paid over $10,000 in dental bills...for myself..
23. I hope to win the lottery one day! (Who doesn't)
24. I am naturally blonde..

I now tag...Kim, Amy, Jodi and whoever else wants to do this that hasn't...

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Jani said...

Good to see you play along-Love your background!