Tuesday, January 20, 2009

IcE SkAtInG!!

Clint had the GREATEST idea on Saturday to take the kid's ice skating..Doesn't that sounds like fun?? Well it did to me too until the moment we stepped onto the ice. From the moment we stepped onto the ice we were picking up the kids for about 1 1/2 hours straight. I only fell once and that was over the top of Bridger when he fell. Brylie had some coordination and got the hang of things pretty well..Bridger on the other hand must take after his Dad! J/K..It was fun just a lot of work...

This is while we were all still happy and all on our feet :)
One of Bridger's many fall's..He just kept getting back up and going though!
Brylie showing off her ability to stand for longer than 5 seconds!


The Green Family said...

How fun! Is this one of the many ways you're going to look like Jillian??

I'm sure lifting kids off the ice counts for some crunche :)

Marietti Family said...

You guys are brave. I'd like to tackle that one but I don't dare. Last time I went Ice Skating my little brother ended up with stiches in his forhead. Maybe I'll wait a little longer.

The Fawcett's said...

Hi Jen,
This is Hollee (sorensen) fawcett, I found your blog thru dev and amy. I hope it's ok I added ya. Your blog is so cute! I love it! Your just so funny! Your kids are growing up so fast! My address is bryanandhollee.blogspot.com. You guys take care and I hope we see ya soon! :)