Thursday, October 30, 2008

CaRvInG PuMpKiNs

Brylie was not too sure about the slimy stuff!
What a geek!

Bridger had no problem digging in!

Clint's masterpiece. It is some sort of transformer!
This is my work! I know, I'm quite the artist..


Jodi and Shawn Davis said...

Holy cow you are a master at carving pumpkins! They look awesome!! Ü

Sharee said...

WoW... Very Impressive!!

The Eddy Editorial said...

Clint's looks like a self portrait! WAY TO GO GUYS THEY LOOK AWESOME

shadnmorgan said...

Wow! I am impressed!! Looks great!!

The Wiseman's said...

Clint looks like he is feeling something he has never felt before!! They turned out great!